The First Draft

I remember at a Crime Writers’ event that Louise Penny and Mary Jane Maffini, talking to the group, agreed that the first draft of a book is… well, I won’t use the word they did, but you can use your imagination.

I wasn’t sure I agreed with what they were saying, but their words have come back to haunt me while working on the last couple of books.

I’m about halfway through the second draft of Bodies and Sole and realizing that, for me, anyway, this is where the layers of the story happen.  This is where I fill the holes, deepen the motivations, explain the inexplicable.

The second draft allows me to breathe easier, knowing that I can make the story work, that what was thin and full of gaps is beefing up.

Soon it will be on to the third draft.  That’s the polish.


Need a new website? I know a gal!

I’ve been out of the blogosphere ever since I abandoned my old website and got a new one – designed by the talented Ashliegh Gehl.

Ashliegh’s a writer, not a trained web designer, but she knows how to do it. How to create the space. Use the space. Navigate the space. Keep the space active and alive, not languishing for lack of attention.

Can’t recommend more highly to other writers to make sure their website communicates well – as well as they do in their books – with readers and those they’d like as readers.

Just casting a line your way.